Notes And References
For MIT's 6.S081 / Fall 2021
Operating System Engineering Free Online Course Using Xv6

About Xv6

Xv6 is a teaching Operating System made at MIT. The 2021 MIT Xv6 free online course schedule is here.

This Website And The Xv6 Study Group

This website contains notes and materials generated beginning in August 2022 by a group of students during their progress through the 2021 MIT free online Operating System Engineering course schedule.

This website and the Xv6 Study Group are unaffiliated with MIT.

@Not_Oles's original invitation to join the Study Group was published on Low End Box. The study group subsequently was created on Hacker News.

If you wish to join the study group, please feel free to email @Not_Oles at the address on his HN profile. @Not_Oles and also are active on Low End Talk.

Getting Started With Xv6

@Not_Oles contributed to Low End Box a tutorial about creating a Linux environment within which to run Xv6.

Here is a Docker file for a RISC-V Xv6 environment.

Here is a transcript of compiling Xv6 inside Qemu. The compile took 9 seconds (Slackware64-current, Xeon L5630, SSD).


Thanks to MetalVPS, Low End Talk, Low End Box, all the friends in the Xv6 Study Group, HN, MIT, the Xv6 team at MIT, John Lions, the Unix creators, and all their successors.

  -- @Not_Oles, Sonora, MX, August 5, 2022

Lecture 1 Notes And Materials

Not_Oles' Lecture 1 Notes

Not_Oles' Lecture 1 Questions and Reflections