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Traditional shell accounts (sometimes with sudo)!

Make your own Fast-As-Metal LXC and KVM VPSes
from your command line terminal!

See what's happening on your Node!


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Free MetalVPS Intel i9-13900 Traditional Shell Account! Make Your Own VPSes!

免费 MetalVPS Intel i9-13900 传统 Shell 帐户! 制作您自己的 VPS!

March 26 Ephemeral, Bare Metal Meddle!

Free Alpine Linux Shell Accounts

Free Debian Sid Intel i9-12900K Shell Accounts from MetalVPS!

Free i9-9900K Ubuntu Jammy Shell Accounts At Hetzner HEL1

Free i9-9900K Proxmox Accounts At Hetzner FSN1

Free Alpine Linux Shell Accounts

Expensive Slackware Linux Shell Accounts

Shared Dedicated Server Bundle (Dallas TX, Fremont CA) from MetalVPS.com and @Not_Oles

Make Your Own VPSes From The Command Line At MetalVPS -- Dallas, TX; Fremont, CA; Falkenstein, DE

E5-1650 v3, 256GB ECC Reg, 2 x 480 GB SSD, 2 x 10 TB HDD, 1 IPv4, /64 IPv6, 1 Gbps, Hetzner FSN1

New! MetalVPS Expands! Announcing an additional Node in Hurricane Electric's FMT2 Datacenter!

New! MIT's Xv6 Operating System Now Available At MetalVPS Labs! (March 18, 2022)

IPv6 only Ryzen LXC VPS Stackable Slices at Hetzner!!

Launch your own VPS from your shell account!

Rejoice! MetalVPS accounts might still be available!